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URPOWER Essential oil Diffusers- Get your Home Freshen with a Chemical free Oil Diffuser

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Have you ever experienced like you are in a bad mood and you enter into a room having a pleasant scent? Suddenly your mood turns up and freshened up. We always love having a pleasant scent in our surrounding especially the place where we spend more time.

And this can be possible by using URPOWER Essential oil Diffusers. It serves both the aesthetic and curative purposes of essential oils treatment. By the diffusion of essential oil microparticles into the air, it will add oxygen molecules to the air which help effectively eradicates the odor, which creates a comfortable surrounding for a living.

Here’s why you should use URPOWER Essential oil Diffuser:

  1. An easy way to disperse essential oils – Most popular essential oils such as lavender, peppermint, eucalyptus etc are purified. Raw plant materials like flowers, leaves, wood, bark etc are put into an alembic over water. As the water is warming up, the steam passes through the plant material, vaporizing the volatile compounds. The vapor flows through a coil, where they condense back to liquid, which is then collected in the receiving vessel.
  2. High-Quality Material – The URPOWER diffusers acquires high-quality plastic which does not contain any harmful chemicals and is eco-friendly.
  3. A Perfect Gifts for Everyone – The URPOWER Essential oil Diffusers will be the perfect gift choice for you, your kids and your families. Simply add a scent that you enjoy the most in your oil diffuser and have a wonderful day with no worries.
  4. Relaxes your body – As the pace of life is increasing, many of us get easily tired, fretful and hard to get sleep. The ultrasonic design ensures the oil diffuser control the smooth mist for a long time which is helpful to relax your body and fall asleep faster.
  5. To create positive memories – There is a powerful connection between emotions, memories, and scent. In this case, minty oils can help you feel fresh and cool. This helps your significant other to create vivid memories.

URPOWER Essential oil Diffuser 400ml Wood Grain

  • URPOWER 400ml Essential oil Diffuser Wood Grain, consists of diffuser for essential oils with Auto shut -off, 7 color light Aromatherapy oil Diffuser Humidifier and 4 Timer settings Humidifier for Bedroom, Office.
  • It is a super quiet Aromatherapy Diffuser which would never disturb you in any kind.
  • It has an intricate design coated with wood grain with soft adjustable LED light fits for various environments.
  • It is 100% new with 90 days money back guarantee and 1-year warranty.

How to clean?

It is recommended to clear the diffuser at least once a week with purified water to make things better. Keep it in a dry place, when not in use.

How to Use?

  • By adding a few drops of URbeauty essential oil, URPOWER 400ml aroma diffuser create a relaxing and romantic ambiance.
  • It has two mist settings:
  • Short press the “mist” button to choose the running time.
  • Long press the “mist” button to choose the mist model.
  • It has two lighting mode:
  • Short press the light button to turn on the light and adjust the brightness.
  • Long press the light button to turn off.

Moreover, it is a worthy purchase. It has great features like two mist settings and two lighting mode. Excellent to control your home’s environment.



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