First Generation Petcube Audio Video Camera for Pets – Review!

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  • View live video in HD with a wide angle lens
  • Exercise and play with a built-in laser toy
  • Customize access for friends and family
  • Capture and share photos and videos

As far as security is concerned there are numerous products in security systems like a security camera, motion sensors, alarms, etc. All the above-mentioned products are important from a security perspective but have you ever wondered specifically about the security of your pets? The market for a security camera for pets is not that wide and due to lack of competition, finding a good security camera might prove a little difficult task to do. Finding a security camera for pets is not easy. There are brands in this department too which are present to ease your task a little bit, one such brand is Petcube.

Petcube presents it’s Petcube Camera for pets now let’s take a deep look at its proper functioning to have everything cleared with details in this Petcube review.

What is the Petcube Security Camera?

Petcube security camera is basically an interactive WiFi HD camera to keep an eye on your pets if you are not present around them. And by interactive, it shows features like connectivity to other Petcube cameras if you have more than one at home. This Petcube camera works as a boon if you have pets at home but you can’t always be there to look after them or it’s really helpful in those situations where you can’t take your pets out with you and you don’t even find anyone else to take care of them.

One thing which is clear is that it’s not the traditional security camera, it’s more of a device to monitor your pets.

How to Connect Petcube to WiFi?

Connecting the Petcube to WiFi for is working is pretty simple, all you need to do it simply pair it with your home’s WiFi network and you are all set to go. Now that you are connected you can have an eye on your pet 24/7 so that they don’t feel lonely in your absence.

How does Petcube Camera Work?

This comes in an aluminum case along with a  silicon stand, mount it on a tripod after that you need to plug it to a power source, you can plug it into a standard power source of 110/240 VAC. Now that if you are ready with the installation to connect it to your WiFi which is already explained.

Now, you are all set to go, you can now interact with your pet through its two-way voice system that allows you to speak as well as listen to your pet. The camera has a wide angle of 138° view so that your pet doesn’t get out of your vision.

Where to Buy Petcube?

After seeing all these appealing features with a pinch of innovation, you might be thinking about where to buy Petcube camera, buying this product is as easy as buying grocery online. All you need to do is open Google and type Petcube Amazon and there you go.

Unique Features

In case your pet is at home and is lonely and hungry at the same time, what would you do? Petcube camera serves you with features like Petcube bites which flings treat to your pet directly from the unit’s body.

Petcube Review – Final Verdict

So, If you are someone who needs something to take that extra care of your pets even in your absence this device could be a savior. Overall, this is a really nice product because of its innovative use of technology in an already existing form of device. The device works amazing with features like Petcube play and Petcube bites. So, there is no need to think twice, simply order it if you are in love with your pets.



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