Nest Learning Thermostat, Easy Temperature Control for Every Room in Your House, Works with Alexa

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Summers, lighten and brighten every mood making you crave for enjoying the world outside. It is overwhelming weather making your every body tissue sweat out. But, when the season expands itself beyond the heating capacity, a promising thermostat is required. Nest Learning Thermostat is the best option when it comes to quality and reliability.

Nest Learning Thermostat

Constructed by smart learning technology, it adjusts to your comfort and remembers the next time you use it. Within a week or so it learns every detail like when you require temperature adjustments to making you cozy both in & out bed.

The thin, sleek design with a large sharp display makes it even trendy in looks, for a Nest Thermostat 3rd generation model. Nest Thermostat (3rd generation) product is designed so profoundly that it helps you to save energy. Having Farsight feature pre-installed makes the deal even more impressive, as Nest 3rd generation lights upon being approached by you and also reflects the time or temperature from across the room.


  • The stages of heating are W1, W2, W3 and the cooling stages are Y1 & Y2. It also consists heat pump combined with auxiliary & emergency heat represented as O/B, AUX and E. HUM stands for humidifier and DEHUMS stands for the dehumidifier. The symbol G represents fan and the symbols C, RH, RC represents levels of power.
  • Nest Thermostat works with Alexa, voice control which is available with the purchase.
  • It has four variant choices in color consisting of black, white, copper and stainless steel, making appear as the perfect fit for every home. Black adds to stylish decor due to its blending property, White represents simplicity, Copper adds warmness and stainless steel gives a versatile classic look to your place.
  • The dimensions of the product are 3.3 x 3.3 x 1.2 inches with the model number T3007ES and the ASIN of the product is B0131RG6VK. The item weight is 1 pound and the recorded shipping weight is 1.75 pounds.
  • The battery type is Lithium-ion and battery CR2 is included in the packaging. It has 24 volts of voltage and wattage is 0.123 watts.


1) Remembers & learns your schedule. Having Auto-Schedule mode helps your thermostat to learn every timing and comfort of yours. No additional programming is required. Within a week it knows the exact time of switching itself in an adjustable model.

2) Directly control from your phone, laptop or tablet. It comes with Alexa, which makes it even more beneficial when quality working is considered. You can control the temperature on fingertips from any smart device.

3) It helps in saving energy. It uses algorithms, sensors and even your GPS location to sense the presence of yours. When you are found absent, it switches off itself, yet saving the energy. Nest Learning Thermostat is also the first which is Energy Star certified. Nest Learning Thermostat has been proved by studies that it saves up to 15% on cooling bills and 10-12% on the heating bills.


1) Check Nest compatibility by logging on their website. When your Nest Thermostat Amazon device is perfect for use, get a wiring diagram ready.

2) Now install the device called thermostat on the wall.

3) Set up your thermostat neatly and safely.

4) After everything is set, connect your device to the Nest App.

5) Now you are free to use it under the guidance of your app.

Moreover, easy and fast installation in just 30 minutes or less, even makes it more efficient as a choice.

How to use Nest Thermostat?

You can use your Nest Thermostat by the booklets provided with the package, logging on the website or even through their app, just with a single click on any smart device.

Nest Thermostat Review

Overall, the Nest Thermostat along with the above-mentioned details and benefits, also have other features that make it a better choice. The display style is entirely digital and the switch style is touch-sensitive.

Moreover, the price is really impressive with such amazing features like the wireless working connection of Wi-Fi, interconnect and BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy). So, go ahead and buy one for yourself.

Nest Thermostat App

The Nest App brings everything together and works efficiently. The different devices or various products cause no problem for the app. It just works collectively, automatically and with more quality.



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