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Instant Pot Ultra 6 Qt 7-in-1 Multi-Use Programmable Pressure Cooker review

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Instant Pot Review 2019

If you haven’t tried the instant pot, yet then you should. These multi-cookers are the perfect cooking appliances for people who want to keep their kitchen space clean and lean and don’t have enough space to store several appliances. Instant pots offer the versatility of cooking that many cooks would appreciate.

There are many Instant Pot models out there to choose from that even a look through the company’s website can cause a headache. So here’s a quick Instant Pot review for you covering five of the best Instant Pot models anyone can have whether you are a seasoned cook or just an amateur.

Instant Pot Duo Mini Review

To begin this Instant Pot slow cooker review is this cute little device called the Instant Pot Duo Mini. This pot is a great device to start with if you are trying to give the Instant Pots range of products a try or if you are looking to cut down on cooking time or product cost. Now one of the top-selling multi-cookers today, it combines the functionality of a rice cooker, pressure cooker, slow cooker, yogurt maker, steamer and warmer into one convenient package.

It’s a uniquely small and portable size makes it a good solution for college students or campers who want to cook quickly and with ease. This appliance can cook several foods like soups, stew, broth, yogurt and potato dishes albeit in smaller doses. The mini comes with a bundle of accessories which include a measuring cup, a cute stainless steel steam rack, rice paddle, soup spoon and a recipe booklet.

Instant Pot Ultra Review

If you are looking for a pressure cooker that covers just about anything in your kitchen, then the Instant Pot Ultra electric pressure cooker is what you need. It has a whooping ten functions which include egg cooker, pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, yogurt maker, cake maker, steamer, sterilizer and warmer. This means you enjoy the functions of ten appliances in one. It’s also not difficult to use as there are easy-to-select programs, timer and more.


An embedded microprocessor in this device helps to monitor and adjust pressure and temperature intensity accordingly. In addition, the cooker offers 11 safety features which include a steam release button that ensures users can easily handle the appliance. There is a mid-sized, 6-quart size version that is perfect for families but buyers can choose between a 3-quart version or an 8-quart version. If you have made your mind up, then you can check out the many options of this Instant Pot and make a choice based on what soothes your and your family’s needs.

Instant Pot Duo Plus Review

This is the Instant Pot choice for small family cooking or if you have limited counter space. You might be cooking for a small number of people and think the Instant Pot is too much hassle, then you are so wrong. This mini-sized Instant Pot Duo Plus all-in-one multicooker is a testament to the fact that good things come in small packages. There is an inner pot which has a 3-quart capacity, but you can opt for a large 6-quart or an 8-quart option. The Duo Plus serves nine different kitchen functions: pressure cooker, slow cooker, steamer, rice cooker, yogurt maker, egg cooker, warmer and sterilizer.

You can boil eggs in minutes with the egg-cooker function, while the sterilizing function can effectively clean utensils and pasteurize milk! The device has an embedded microprocessor that monitors pressure and temperature intensity constantly. It is able to distribute heat evenly to ensure a thorough, perfectly pressure-cooked meal every time. If the high pressure might concern you, a simple toggle at the top of the lid can get rid of excess pressure. But, if you decide to the use the one-pot system for slow-cooking, then you have no problem.

Instant Pot Max Review

The Instant Pot Max is a bit heavier than the Duo and Ultra models but has a higher pressure threshold than that of the older versions of the Instant Pot products. In fact, the Instant Pot Max is regarded as the “industry’s first electric pressure cooker to reach 15psi.” This means it can cook faster than most pressure cookers in a shorter time. Also users can do home pressure canning at the 15psi pressure level which means they can do without getting a pressure canner. It has sous-vide, fully-automated steam release as well as NutriBoost technology that mimics boiling water motion to mix food and enhance flavor and texture. But the most standout feature of the Max is the touchscreen which displays real-time cooking temperature and progress. This allows users to easily program cook time and speed. Another feature of the Instant Pot Max includes the automatic pressure venting which eliminates the need to open the steam valve manually but automatically releases the pressure which reduces work done after cooking and prevent overcooking of food. This feature is available in two options- Quick or Pulse release.

Instant Pot Duo 8 Quart Review

The Instant Pot Duo was designed for safety, convenience, and dependability. This Instant Pot speeds up cooking by 2-6 times while using 70% less energy to cook nutritious and healthy meals in an easy and regular fashion. The pot comes with an amazing 14 built-in functions which include – Meat/Stew, Soup/Broth, Bean/Chili, Sauté/Searing, Poultry, Steam, Rice, Multigrain, Porridge, Slow Cook, Keep-Warm, Yogurt, Pasteurize & Pressure Cook. A delayed cooking function allows for up to 24 hours delay while the automatic Keep-Warm holds the temperature until food is ready to serve. The pot is solidly built with a stainless steel inner cooking material and maintains the heat and smell of food as the stainless steel is highly durable and print resistant.



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