Ecovacs Deebot N79S Robotic Vacuum Cleaner- A CLEAN Review!

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  • READY FOR ANY MESS: Equipped with two side brushes and a main brush, DEEBOT will sweep, lift, and vacuum to clean an entire floor (Auto mode), a small area (Spot mode), or the edge of your floor (Edge mode)
  • VOICE & APP CONTROLS: Alexa & Google Assistant voice commands. ECOVACS Smart App comes w/ 5+ advanced features including direct control, scheduling, status updates, cleaning modes, accessories status, etc
  • MAX MODE POWER: Increase suction power by up to 2X for particularly troublesome messes
  • UP TO 120 MINUTE RUNTIME: A longer battery life for even more cleaning! Auto-return & charging means your robot will always be ready to clean
  • STANDARD: 1-Year . Comes w/ (1) charging dock, (4) side brushes, (2) high efficiency air filter, (1) remote control w/ battery), (1) cleaning tool, Customer Support

It is not about how much you can clean but for how long you can keep it clean! With Ecovacs Deebot N79S you can be carefree and still live an easy and clean life. It is a robotic vacuum cleaner with max power suction, up to 120 min Runtime, App controls and it is self-charging. What more can you ask for? There’s been a flood of cheaper robot vacuum cleaners, mostly from Chinese manufacturers, attempting to enter the market. But with Ecovacs Deebot you get both qualities as well as a surety that you’re spending your bucks at the right place. It is a rather affordable alternative to cheap Chinese manufacturers. It looks much like the other competitors in the segment but it is not, it lacks the smarter navigation of the more expensive models. That doesn’t mean you’re getting less for what you’re paying.

Key Features of Ecovacs Deebot

Let’s talk about some key features of the vacuum cleaner

  • Up to 90 minutes run-time
  • Standard and Max modes
  • Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant compatibility
  • Wi-Fi and app connectivity
  • 3-litre bin

It lacks the laser navigation most of its competitors use but that is just to cut some slack from the cost of the product. If we talk about the dimensions, at 330 x 330 x 78mm, the Ecovacs Deebot N79S is quite a short vacuum cleaner, which means it should easily fit under most of the furniture and accessories lying around the house but it’s a little wide which might make it tough to reach sharp corners and narrow gaps. It doesn’t have a handle at the top which makes it tough to carry for spot cleaning in the house but there’s a single button at the top which starts an automatic cleaning and remote control is included in the box for automatic cleaning.

How to clean and maintain Deebot N79S?

Flip over the robot and you’ll see the dual side brushes for sweeping dust into the main suction path from underneath the cleaner. There are a combination bristle and brush bar for scraping off the dirt on multiple surfaces. If this becomes clogged with hair, Ecovacs provides a handy tool for cutting it away included in the package for the maintenance and cleaning of the robot. The side brushes are recommended to be changed every 3 to 6 months while the main brush to be changed every 6 to 12 months. There are a variety of sellers for the brushes and the average cost of the brushes is around £25 for a year’s worth of replacement kit. Cleaning the bot is pretty easy too, just empty the bin from underneath the bot into your house bin and run the bin under tap water and you’re good to go!

How to use Ecovacs Deebot?

  • Just turn the cleaner on using the button on the top.
  • Connect it using your android/ios device with wifi or use the remote to select the mode of cleaning.
  • Set the schedule or set the sleep timer.
  • The cleaner would itself return to the charging dock once it’s done with its work or it is low on battery

The remote control provides almost all the options you need from navigation to set up scheduled cleaning. But it is even easier to use the android/ ios application. Since the robot uses more basic navigation than other models, it has multiple cleaning modes designed for different jobs. The auto will just send the robot around the room until it has no more charge to function; Spot starts a go-around come-around process from the starting point to clean up a specific spill; Edge cleaning takes the robot about the edges of your room; Single room is for when you want to clean just one room. While multiple modes are good to have it depends upon the user’s preference to which mode will suit his house for the best cleaning possible.

The best part about the Ecovacs N79S is its ability to handle voice commands using Amazon’s Alexa or Google assistant. It covers every inch of your house just by listening to your voice which is amazing.

Summarizing the product review

Given its low price, the Ecovacs Deebot is a surprisingly good cleaner, with a few restrictions of its own like its navigation pattern. On one hand, the random navigation pattern means that the cleaner is likely to cover the entire area you want, on the other you can’t guarantee it, which bring us to the conclusion. Should you buy it? If cost efficiency is your motto, you don’t even have to think twice but if you want the very best for your house there are superior options available in the market. Although, they cost a lot more too. The Ecovacs Deebot n79s lacks the features of some expensive high-end robotic vacuum cleaners but it does the basics right.



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