Big Barker Dog Bed, 7″ Pillow Top Orthopedic, Super Sturdy, Super Comfortable

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  • CALIBRATED FOR BIG DOGS: Available in Large, XL, Giant XXL dog bed sizes. Too powerful for small dogs.
  • 10 YEAR WARRANTY: Foam will retain 90% of original shape & loft for 10 years or your money back.
  • WON’T FLATTEN: American made therapeutic foam is the best quality you’ll find in orthopedic dog beds. Won’t flatten or pancake over time.
  • MADE IN THE USA: Handmade by craftsmen and craftswomen in our small California workshop that’s been making artisan furniture for over 30 years.
  • EASY TO CLEAN: machine washable. 100% Microfiber cover. Soft to the touch, looks great in your home.

Big Barker 7″ Pillow Top Orthopedic Dog Bed for Large and Extra Large Breed Dogs 

Countless dog beds exist on the market, ranging from a bit of pillow to expensive memory foam to simple cotton cushioning, all meant to provide some degree of comfort to pets any age. They have a special, unique design, meant to help relieve pain in elderly or injured dogs. Some of the best are stuffed with memory foam to help relieve pressure points and provide extra support for deteriorating bones & joints.

These beds help provide comfort for dogs suffering from things like:

  • Bone fractures
  • Muscle strains
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Deteriorating bones & joints
  • Stiffness/ soreness

What Qualifies as Orthopedic?

As of now, there is no exact legal or technical definition for ‘Orthopedic’ when it comes to dog beds; owners must simply use their best judgment. Most simple definitions claim an orthopedic mattress is “designed to support the joints, back, and overall body”.

If you squeeze a dog bed and are able to flatten it, feeling your fingers or the floor, the bed isn’t offering enough support and probably doesn’t qualify as an orthopedic dog bed.


The couple that started Big Barker did it out of their love for their canine, who had to undergo hip dysplasia surgery. They built their original Big Barker bed for him to make sure he had a comfortable, quality bed that would not flatten due to his weight. They realized there were big dogs just like Hank who also needed a supportive place to rest their heads, and a company was born.

Big Barker Orthopedic dog bed

Big Barker is the dog bed calibrated specifically for large dogs. They have served over 50,000 dogs and their families. Some of its features are:

Provides incredible support & comfort

Vets will tell you that up to 80% of large dogs suffer from joint pain as they age. Big Barker offers total joint support. Big Barker is uniquely engineered to keep dogs youthful for longer and bring older dogs back to their best. It is ideal for dogs of all ages. Provides extra relief to dogs suffering from joint pain, recovering from surgery, or living with conditions like arthritis, hip dysplasia, or other joint, bone, or muscle disorders.

Does not flatten over time

When a dog bed flattens, all support properties vanish, and it becomes just as uncomfortable as a sleeping bag on a hardwood floor. The famous Big Barker foam will retain at least 90% of its shape & support for the next 10 years That’s why the Big Barker was engineered with durability in mind, so it can protect your big dog for at least 10 years, without the bed losing any of its uniquely supportive power. They guarantee it!

Easy to clean, durable covers

The cover is easily removable for machine washing, is soft to touch and 100% microfiber. The machine washable, non-shrink microfiber cover comes off easy because they use up to 150 inches of zipper surrounding a full 75% of the bed. The covers are made of strong microfiber that holds up well against digging and nesting. Big Barker only uses fabrics, which have the ability to withstand surface wear from rubbing.

Stays Cool and is free of toxins

Big Barker only uses “open cell” foam, which allows air to move freely through the bed. Other materials, like memory foam, are “closed cell”; they trap hot air between your dog and the bed. They use better ingredients and take better care of the foam than industry standards. With a Big Barker dog bed, you’ll never get that smell. It will not irritate the skin, nose, and eyes of both dogs and humans alike.

Choosing the Right Size for Your Dog

The most important measurement is the width of the bed.  Make your dog stand up straight, and measure from the bottom of the paw to the top of the hip or shoulder. This is the amount of room that a dog needs to be in a full 100% stretch position. Compare that measurement to the width of the sizes offered by Big Barker. You’ll want an extra 3-4 inches. For example, if your dog measures 25″, you’ll do great with the Large, which is 30″ wide. But if your dog is 28″, you’ll want to bump up to the 36″ wide XL.

***However, there is a Bummer! Big Barker is designed specifically for large dogs and is actually not suitable for smaller dogs.

Larger dogs require more support than small dogs, to the point where a bed with too much support could be uncomfortable and strain the latter. Getting a dog bed designed for small canines, is the way to go!

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